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How it all began..

I was born in Venezuela and moved to Malta on 2013 from Italy.

My inspirations come from nature itself. I have always been fascinated by the complex and beautiful natural structures and textures found in plants, bark, seed pods, coral and shells.

Nature is an unfailing source of inspiration and I love to explore and capture it in my work.

I use a range of hand-building techniques; pinching, coils and slabs, in a variety of different kinds of clay.

I'm in a constant research of balance and harmony between shapes, textures, colours, composition and clay, from which I often highlights some of its characteristics. I create sculptural, decorative or conceptual works, preferring organic and irregular shapes, trying to balance perfection and imperfection and find the beauty in both.

Working with clay is something magical. It’s the feeling on my hands whilst modelling, the transformation of the material that starts to take shape, and the idea of creating something unique through which I represent myself, my thoughts and emotions.

My passion for art started at an early age. Art shops were my favourite places to be. I could get lost amongst the colours, pencils, books and other supplies. I realized that I had a natural inclination to capture the smallest of details of anything around me.

Over the years I have found it essential to keep my passion alive. I have worked in creative roles, including graphic design, in search of my niche. After that I worked for many years in the commercial sector , but felt that something was missing. In 2012 while living in Rome, I attended a ceramics masterclass. It was then that everything clicked into place and I discovered my artistic medium, one that allows me to fully capture and express myself creatively. I left my career and dedicated myself solely to ceramics, and fell in love with the versatility of the clay and all the creative process.

I was soon exhibiting my ceramic art works at trade events and Contemporary Ceramics and Craft Fairs, nationally and internationally.

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